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Nepal - Kathmandu

What is Diki Continental Exports?

We are a service for international buyers interested in exclusively Nepalese and Tibetan Arts, crafts, clothing and antiques.

Why was Diki Continental Exports started?    

It is a well known fact that many people travel to Nepal for the sole purpose of buying local products (arts, crafts and antiques) which they then export back to their own countries for sale. Diki Continental Exports was started so that people could buy Nepalese products from the comfort of their own home, saving money and time.

Some facts about Diki Continental Exports:

We are based in and operating from Kathmandu, Nepalís capital city and primary tourist destination.

We offer an extensive range of products from high quality hand made carpets to small but beautiful hand made paper products.

Currently we handle thousands of shipments each year and the number is steadily increasing as our customerís satisfaction is our guarantee.

Mr. Kalsang and his office

   Mr. Leckchum and his office

Some reasons why you should choose us above the rest:

Your orders will be made to your design specifications, and the highest degree of quality is assured.

We are experienced and meticulous with our packaging and in the case of fragile products we use only the best wooden boxes to protect against mishandling.

Amongst the dozens of courier and freight services running from Nepal we at Diki Continental Exports are proud to say that we have been recommended above all the rest in the very well known Lonely Planet guidebook. ( pages 108 and 135)

A high percentage of our handicrafts and all our antiques must be approved and verified by the Archeological Department of Nepal before we can dispatch them to you.

We can arrange all modes of transport to any corner of the world.

We offer the most competitive prices and the best rates of transportation.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee!



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